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Summer Must-Have: The Girls' Hooded Swim Cover Up That Everyone Will Love

Updated: Feb 19

Every child explorer needs a chic and cozy companion for their aquatic adventures during the summer. Say hello to the ultimate girls' hooded swim cover-up—will keep your little mermaids snug after their sea quests or fun pool dives!

Girls' Hooded Swim Cover Up in pink and white colors.

Get ready to dive into a world of fashion, fun, and functionality as we reveal the girls' hooded swim cover-ups that everyone—your little mermaid and/or unicorn included—will surely love. So, let's start on this journey together and find the perfect cover-up that will make this summer unforgettable!

Terry Cloth: The Secret to Comfort and Durability

Introducing our girls' hooded swim cover-up, carefully crafted from French Terry - a soft and cozy fabric blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. We understand that your little ones' comfort is of utmost importance, that's why our girls' hooded swim cover-up is made from Terry cloth which is fabric known for its soft and gentle texture. We have thoughtfully combined these two materials to create a cover-up that gives the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Cotton, known for its breathability, brings a refreshing and comfortable feel to our cover-up. It allows air to circulate, keeping your little mermaid cool even under the sun. In addition, cotton's absorbent qualities guarantee that moisture is driven away, leaving her dry and ready for the next water adventure.

Terry cloth used in the cover-up

Polyester, on the other hand, gives strength and structure to our cover-up. This makes it resistant to the rough and tumble adventures of little explorers, assuring that it will stay fashionable and colorful even after numerous beach days. Its remarkable durability ensures that it can withstand the tests of time and the adventures of little mermaids. So you can rest assured that our cover-up will remain as vibrant and stylish as the day it was first worn.

The absorbent nature of Terry Cloth makes it perfect for frequent use throughout the day. Whether your little ones are taking a refreshing dip in the sea or playing under the sun, our girls' hooded swim cover-up will keep them comfortably dry. No more waiting around for damp clothes to dry - they'll be ready for the next exciting escapade in no time.

Practicality Meets Comfort: The Built-In Hood

Built-in hoods for the swim cover-up.

As our little one explores the wonders of the beach, this feature stands ready. The built-in hood is a summer essential offering a variety of benefits that make it a true game-changer. First, it shields your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun, ensuring they can play and explore without a worry. Second, the hood acts as a shield against the gentle sea breeze, keeping our little one comfortable. It's the perfect refuge for your little swimmers to unwind and relax after a day of beachside adventures.

Moreover, the hood embraces practicality without compromising on style. It seamlessly complements the overall design of the cover-up, elevating its fashion-forward appeal. As your little fashionistas flaunt their ruffled cap sleeves and showcase their embroidered mermaid and unicorn accents, the hood becomes an enchanting element of their beachwear ensemble.

The Perfect Hideaway: Embracing the Functional Pocket

A treasure chest in its own, the functional pocket adds a touch to the cover-up while serving a practical purpose. As your little ones explore the sandy shores and wade into the gentle waves, they can collect seashells, tiny toys, or any other treasures they come across on their beach adventures. With a safe haven nestled on the lower right side of the cover-up, they can store their newfound treasures and keep them close throughout the day.

The convenience of the functional pocket extends to practicality, making it easier for parents to keep track of small essentials. From sunscreen to a beach snack or even a small sea creature in a bucket, this pocket becomes a handy storage solution for whatever your little ones need on their beach adventures.

Graceful Elegance: Embracing the Ruffled Cap Sleeves

The ruffled cap sleeves are a lovely twist on traditional swim cover-ups. As your little fashionistas run along the shore, the sleeves sway gently in the sea breeze, creating a captivating visual.

Ruffled Cap Sleeves in swimwear cover-up

Beyond their charming appearance, the ruffled cap sleeves offer practical benefits. They offer more coverage, shielding the sun's rays on your little ones' delicate shoulders from the sun's rays, and allowing them to play in the sun worry-free. The sleeves also provide an additional layer of comfort, allowing for ease of movement and play during beachside adventures.

Versatility is another key feature of the ruffled cap sleeves. They effortlessly transition the cover-up from beachwear to a fashionable outfit suitable for poolside lounging or seaside picnics.

A Tale of Enchantment: Embroidered Mermaid and Unicorn Variations

Our cover-up comes in two variations - mermaid and unicorn accents. The delicate embroidery of these mesmerizing mermaids brings the magic of the ocean to life and mystical creatures across the fabric, invoking dreams of fantastical realms and igniting the spark of imagination.

In the embroidered mermaid variation, the cover-up comes to life with the beauty of these legendary sea beings. Delicate and artfully crafted, the mermaid accents on the cover-up evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. As your little ones wear this variation, they become one with the spirit of the ocean, ready to embark on their very own undersea quests.

In the embroidered unicorn variation, the cover-up transforms into a realm of dreams and magic. The unicorns prance gracefully across the fabric, inspiring a sense of enchantment and boundless possibilities. With their majestic presence, these mythical creatures ignite the spark of imagination, allowing your little ones to embrace the world of fantasy right on the sandy shores.

Both variations of the girls' hooded swim cover-up seamlessly blend style and symbolism, to create a look that appeals to young adventurers and dreamers. Whether your little ones choose to embrace the allure of the sea with the embroidered mermaids or venture into a world of magic with the embroidered unicorns, they'll undoubtedly make a splash on the beach with their unique and captivating cover-up. Let their imaginations soar and their dreams come alive as they wear the embroidered mermaid or unicorn variation, turning every beach moment into an extraordinary tale of enchantment.


With our girls' hooded pool cover-up which is a combination of style, comfort, and imagination, allows you to get ready this summer. Let your young ones leave imprints in the sand and memories inscribed in their hearts as they create a symphony of laughing and splashing on sandy coasts. With every mermaid accent and unicorn emblem, with each ruffled cap sleeve swaying in the sea breeze, our cover-up becomes more than just an outfit—it becomes a conduit to a world of dreams, where the wonders of childhood intertwine with the allure of the seaside.

As the sun sets on this l, we invite you to cherish each moment, seize every opportunity, and revel in the magic of the season. Summer calls, and our girls' hooded swim cover-up is ready for the season. So, let your young mermaids and dreamers shine brightly as they create a memories under the summer sun.

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